3 April 2019


"Colline Salernitane"

T he Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) locates where the product has its own origin and the types (Rotondella, Frantoio, Carpellese). It specifies the growing and processing methods and it also indicates the way to use it thanks to a sensorial test (Panel Test) and chemical-physical analysis.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP “Colline Salernitane has all the requisites of high quality guaranteed and protected by the protection brand of UE.
The result is an oil with intense and well balanced flavour, wonderfully pleasant and versatile.

Certified by control body authorized by MIPAAFT
Rotondella, Carpellese, Frantoio.
From October 1 to November 30.
Production area
Slopes of the Alburni Mountains - Salerno
Harvesting technique
Harvest Time:
Up to 6 hours
Extraction process
Continuous extraction with horizontal axis
Stainless steel containers at controlled temperature between 16°C and 18°C in the absence of oxygen.
250ml Bottle
12 bottles x ct.
500ml Bottle
12 bottles x ct. / 6 bottles x ct.
750ml Bottle
12 bottles x ct. - 6 bottles x ct.
3l Can
4 cans x ct.

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