DOP “Colline Salernitane”
3 April 2019
Monocultivar “Carpellese”
3 April 2019



T his oil is produced without using pesticides, Plant Protection Products, or chemical fertilizers.
It is an oil obtained in full compliance with the EU rules that regulate organic farming: the methods employed are based on natural interactions that exist between agronomic techniques, environment and living organisms.
Soft and fruity taste.

Certified by control body authorized by MIPAAFT
IT-BIO-004 Operatore controllato n° 20178.
Rotondella, Frantoio.
From October 1 to October 31.
Production area
Slopes of the Alburni Mountains - Salerno
Harvesting technique
Harvest Time:
Up to 6 hours
Extraction process
Continuous extraction with horizontal axis
Stainless steel containers at controlled temperature between 16°C and 18°C in the absence of oxygen.
250ml Bottle
12 bottles x ct.
500ml Bottle
12 bottles x ct. - 6 bottles x ct.

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