11 September 2020


Estratto a Freddo

I s obtained just from olives harvested at the ripening, first accurately selected and then milled thanks to state-of-the art continuous process equipment following precise production rules.
Pregio Estratto a freddo, rich in antioxidans and vitamin E, has a strong fruity; it is balanced in the olfactory-gustatory relation and it is harmonious in sweet, bitter and spicy notes.
Frantoio, Carpellese, Leccino
From October 15 to November 30
Production area
Slopes of the Alburni Mountains - Salerno
Harvesting technique
Pneumatica - Scuotitore
Harvest-Pressing Time:
Up to 8 hours
Extraction process
Ciclo continuo a freddo seguito da filtrazione
Stainless steel containers at controlled temperature between 16°C and 18°C in the absence of oxygen.
1 lt bottle
12 bottles x ct. / 6 bottles x ct.
3 lt can
4 can x ct.


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